Des Moines high schools celebrate "National Voter Registration Day"

Lincoln High student registration drive courtest Des Moines Public Schools

DES MOINES -- Students at Des Moines area high schools were taking part in events to celebrate "National Voter Registration Day".

The event was held across the country Sept. 25th with the goal of getting as many qualified voters to register for the November election.

Des Moines Public Schools Superintendent Tom Ahart sasy he emailed over 1,400 students who are either 18 years of age or will be by the election date, urging them to register to vote.

At Lincoln and Hoover High schools, students staffed registration tables during lunch hour to ensure that students had the opportunity to register to vote.

The district says the emphasis at the schools was on participation in the election, "not partisanship".  

Students were also reminded that if they didn't register Tuesday, they could still do it on the Iowa Secretary of State's website or even at the polls in November.


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