Weight Watchers Is Changing Its Name And Mission

You heard Van, Bonnie, and I discuss this on the show on Tuesday:  Weight Watchers just announced they are rebranding themselves “WW."

I've been able to control my weight and improve my health by using multiple tools in the last year:  the products and information provided by Healthy For Life in Urbandale -  and counting "points" on my Weight Watchers app.

I HAD noticed that WW had partnered on the app with the meditation and mindfulness tool Headspace.  WW now says more changes are coming as the year continues.

The company says its goal is to turn themselves from just a weight loss organization into an overall health and wellness organization.

The company’s new tagline will now be “Wellness That Works,” with the goal to help their members build healthy habits.

Other planned changes include a change to the FitPoints program on the app, a new “Connect Groups” feature that will help like-minded members find each other to share tips on their particular interests and foods, and WellnessWins rewards, where members earn “Wins” for their healthy habits and then redeem them for exclusive products and experiences.

I've had a great deal of success using the points system on the WW app -  so I'll be curious as to the changes.  The fact that many healthy foods have a "zero" point value when trying to stay under a daily points goal has helped me make a lot of healthy food choices.  I hope that the company doesn't derail the success of current customers just for the sake of change.


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