"Game Of Thrones" Set Locations To Be Tourism Spots

As a listener, you know that I am a big "Game Of Thrones" fan and am eagerly awaiting the finale of the series next year on HBO.

I was thrilled on a recent European cruise to make a stop in Dubrovnik, which is where the "King's Landing" scenes are shot.  Following that trip, Boo and I were pleased to see characters walk where we had walked whenever the storyline returned to King's Landing.

More people are going to being able to enjoy the "Game Of Thrones" experience in the future:  HBO has announced plans to transform "Game Of Thrones" filming locations in Northern Ireland into interactive tourist attractions next year.

I assume that the transformation will take place after filming is complete.  

The network is planning on transforming the show’s filming locations in Northern Ireland into “Game Of Thrones Legacy” attractions that fans can explore. Each site will feature actual sets from the show and exhibits of some iconic costumes, props, weapons and more. There will even be some interactive elements to showcase the series’ special effects.

HBO promises that they will be “on a scale and scope bigger than anything the public has ever seen.” For now, the network has given the “Game Of Thrones Legacy” attractions an opening of sometime in 2019.


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