How The #Resistance Cancelled The #BlueWave And Created A #Backlash

Handmaid's Tale Costume

To my friends on the left:  let Beto O'Rourke be your canary in a coal mine.

After leftist protesters drove O'Rourke's opponent, Senator Ted Cruz -  and Cruz's wife -  from a restaurant by surrounding their table and shouting comments such as "we believe survivors!" and "Beto is way hotter than you!", O'Rourke denounced the act and said the Cruz family deserved to be treated with respect.  In response, O'Rourke supporters denounced BETO.

As O'Rourke has realized, the behavior of the #resistance has become a serious impediment to any #bluewave in the fall. 

But I believe it is too late -  the behavior of the left toward the Brett Kavanaugh nomination has cancelled the blue wave and has set up Democrats for a conservative backlash this fall.

In 2016, there were many voters who were NOT fans of Donald Trump.  But they definitely DIDN'T want Hillary Clinton to be President.  So they voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton -  NOT necessarily FOR Donald Trump.

These are persuadable voters, willing to vote for Democrats as a check on Trump.  But it is safe to say that the behavior of the left toward folks who are center-right have now convinced them to vote against Democrats.  In other words, the behavior of the left will now cause persuadable voters to vote AGAINST Democrats -  not necessarily FOR Republicans.

It's one of the great political miscalculations of our time.  But, from the beginning, the resistance clearly signaled that ANY behavior against people who disagreed with them would be acceptable.

On social media, leftists willing to call out Republicans for bad behavior went silent about their own.  In fact, leftists in the mainstream media actually ENABLED the behavior.

The Kavanaugh nomination process has been a perfect example.

Following the conclusion of the Kavanaugh nomination process, the media breathlessly reported on a cascade of uncorroborated allegations against the nominee.  

Then last night:  a bombshell.  Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed they've been inundated with crazy allegations in the past couple of weeks -  including hearing from two men that claim  THEY were the men -  not Kavanaugh -  who were at the party at which Christine Blasey Ford says she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh.

A reasonable person could conclude that any public figure -  be it Kavanaugh or say, Nancy Pelosi -  must deal with unreasonable allegations, accusations, and rumors.  It's just that the left -  with the help of their allies in the media -  decided to weaponize these occurrences to stop a conservative from being named to the Supreme Court.

And this behavior has been given tacit approval by the resistance.  Well, center-right voters don't approve.  You'll see that in the fall. 


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