Kyrie Irving Is Sorry You Don't Believe The Earth Is Flat

kyrie irving boston celtics

We often talk about a person having the "courage of their convictions."  That's why I love the fact that Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving is sorry you heard him talk about the fact that he believes the earth is flat...but he's NOT backing off his assertion.

Speaking at a Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston yesterday, the Celtics point guard said he didn't realize the effect speaking publicly would have on people. Irving said he was really big into conspiracy theories at the time he started talking about flat Earth theories months ago. His belief was sparked by several videos he watched online.

Notice that he still hasn't said he believes the Earth isn't flat just that there are some things that should be saved for intimate conversations.

When I saw this news, I googled whether or not Irving is married.  He is not.  That's because I imagined his significant other saying to him, "hey, Kyrie -  that talk of a flat earth?  Let's just keep it just between us."

Have you had a weird belief that a friend or spouse told you to keep to yourself.  Or perhaps, more importantly, the question might be -  IS the earth flat.  I kid, I kid.  Of course it's not flat.



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