New Survey Reveals What's On The Minds Of Kids

Did you know that the magazine "HIghlights" is STILL around?  Yeah, the magazine in all the doctors' offices.  Anyway, the magazine's 10th annual State of the Kid survey reveals the truth about what kids have on their minds.

Let's skip to the most surprising part of the survey:  

When it comes to what they value in themselves, the attributes are different for boys and girls. It seems the attribute girls most value is their own appearance (19%), as compared to only 10% of boys. Meanwhile, 26% of boys most value their intelligence, something only 17% of girls value.

With all the positive messages we are sending girls today, I am surprised that we STILL have this issue.  It's probably, though, due to social media -  so many women post pictures of themselves or their daughters and the comments -  one after another -  say "beautiful!"

Another surprising takeaway:

90% of kids believe adults care about what they have to say, with 59% believing the world at large cares.

That's a pretty high number, and the optimist in me says it's because these kids are surrounded by caring adults.

And one last note about the media reach into the lives of kids:

11% are worried about violence and kid safety, with 35% of those kids specifically worried about school gun violence.

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