A New Talent Series Is Heading To Your TV: "The World's Best"

Listeners probably have shaken their heads a time or two (Van certainly has!) as Bonnie and I argue over the best talent show.  I am a fan of The Voice while she loves American Idol.  

Regardless of what show YOU love, there's no doubt that talent shows are all the rage on television.

Hence, a new talent competition series is heading to CBS.

It's called "The World's Best," and the network says it will feature acts from all genres all over the world. Comedian James Corden will be the host and executive producer, while Faith Hill, Drew Barrymore and RuPaul have all signed on as judges. The show airs sometime next year.

The first-of-its-kind global talent competition that features acts from every genre imaginable, from every corner of the planet. The competitors not only need to get past the judges, they need to break through the “wall of the world,” featuring 50 of the world’s most accomplished experts from every field of entertainment.

Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell, the men responsible for “The Voice” and “American Idol” are joining forces to make the show happen.

This seems to be a variation of a concept that already exists -  The Eurovision Song Contest -  which features competitors from a number of countries performing before a worldwide panel of judges and viewers while representing their country.  It's been big in Europe -  but has never caught on in the US.


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