Gun found on student at Des Moines East High School

DES MOINES, Iowa-  Des Moines Public School officials notified parents of a third incident this year where a student brought a gun to East High School.  

The student, who'd been absent most of the day, showed up for the 7th class block with a gun in his pocket.  

The Des Moines Police School Resource Officer was able to take the gun without any incident.  The school was notified about the gun from another student who reported seeing it.

Des Moines East Principal Leslie Morris sent a message to parents about the incident:

“Today we had another troubling incident at school, the third this year.  A student who was reported absent during the day arrived for 7th block with a gun in his pocket.  We know this thanks to another student who reported seeing the gun.  We found the student question working on homework with a teacher.  Our SRO was able to take the gun without incident.

We are doing our best to navigate troubling times in our school, our state and our country where a lack of respect and increased anxiety and concern for safety are too often a part of our lives.  We are not the only school in Iowa or (the) nation dealing with an increase in these types of incidents.  However, with help from Officer Trudy, diligent staff and observant students we will work together to keep our school environment as safe as possible.

We have to count on there being more good than bad out there, and good being willing to stand up and say something when it sees something wrong.  That’s what happened today.”


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