What Is An Alligator Doing In Lake Michigan??

Alligator | GettyImages-687491892

I like alligators.  I love my wife.


My wife, Boo, grew up in Florida.  We head to that state during the year to visit the in-laws and other family.  It's not a stretch to tell you that alligators are everywhere.  In fact, there is a pond in the neighborhood where my relatives reside that often has an alligator next to it.  The residents let it lie for a while but eventually animal (alligator?) control is called and the gator is relocated to another stop.  The neighbors worry about their tiny dogs.

But I do love the creatures.  That might not be the case for residents who are not accustomed to seeing them.

An alligator was found in a most unlikely place and has residents wondering if there are more.

The gator was swimming in Lake Michigan. Authorities rescued the four-foot gator after someone saw it swimming slowly in the lake near Waukegan, Illinois. The four foot long alligator is being sent to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, Illinois.

The scaly reptiles typically live in fresh water from North Carolina to Texas, however there are isolated reports of the animals appearing elsewhere.

How did they get to these unusual places?  I imagine:  verrrrry sloooooowly.


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