WATCH: Was This Little Caesars Delivering DiGiorno Instead?


Ah, never change, Internet.  A video on Twitter went viral and had people wondering if Little Caesars is serving DiGiorno pizza.

A video shot this past weekend shows a Little Caesars pizza place apparently selling a shopping cart full of DiGiorno frozen pizzas. The video was viewed over four million times by pizza lovers. Little Caesars says they are not selling DiGiorno and only serve freshly baked pizzas.

The company investigated and found the video was shot at an Indiana Kmart that was in the process of disposing expired DiGiorno pizzas. Little Caesars released a statement Tuesday saying they can confirm that no DiGiorno pizzas were served by the company at that location.

Can a "it's not DiGiornos, it's Little Caesars!" ad campaign be in the works?


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