People Don't Fear Aging, But Worry About Health Care

Embrace Aging

As a listener of my show, you know I'm an optimist.  I don't fear getting older, I always look forward to what life has in store for me.  But do others share that view?

While people have dreaded the idea of growing older for years, it seems more and more people are seeing the positives that come with more years.  A poll by TD Ameritrade reveals 81% of people see getting older as an opportunity to reach new goals, while 76% say it gives them time to pursue passions that previously didn’t fit into their lives.

As for what folks want to do with those extra years, 62% want to spend time with friends and family, while 57% want to travel abroad and 52% want to take up a hobby.

And what age is considered old?  It's rising:  the average age folks consider someone as “old” has gone up to 74, an increase in six years from 2009. Folks are also expecting to live longer in general, with people saying they expect to live to 84 on average.

BUT...there's a reason that my show talks a LOT about health care.  While folks have a cheery outlook for the future in general, health care is a worry.

Overall, 43% of people are worried about healthcare costs, 35% are concerned about finances, and 26% worry about dying. What’s more, declining health is the top fear of aging Americans, with losing mental and physical function also a huge fear (58%), as is fear losing loved ones (46%).


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