There's Now A Dating App For President Trump Supporters

It REALLY wasn't that long ago that couples who were opposites politically laughed at those differences.  How many times were YOU told by such a couple, "we cancel each other's vote out!"

But with more folks defining themselves BY their political affiliation, such romances are becoming impossible.  I blame this on the breakdown of other institutions that made people's lives meaningful.  Now, politics in front and center in a relationship.

In this new environment -  with so many people furious over the election of Donald Trump -  Trump support or opposition is becoming an instant deal-breaker for couples.

Enter:  the Donald Dating app. 

There’s a new dating app in the App Store and Google Play for singles who support President Donald Trump that promises to help you choose the “right” partner. It’s called “Donald Daters” – and yes, it’s totally real.

Donning the catchphrase “Make America Date Again,” the app claims to be one “without bias, judgment, or liberal intolerance.” According to a statement from CEO Emily Moreno to Fox News, it helps singles connect with people who share their interests and preferences without having to be “afraid of talking politics.” “Support for the President has become a dealbreaker instead of an icebreaker,” she added.

If you take a look at their website, it says that “many on the left choose party over love, stopping any date if the other user is a supporter of our president.” If you’re interested in finding your Republican match, find out more information HERE.

As a hopeless romantic, I find this sad - as I believe you aren't meant to be with someone regardless of those kind of differences.  But, I also must admit, if I were single, I'd probably check out the dating site for St. Louis Cardinals fans.  Luckily, Boo loves the team as much as I do so I HAVE my perfect match!!!


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