“The Haunting Of Hill House” Is Making People Pass Out

If you want to be scared silly, Netflix has a show for you.“The Haunting Of Hill House” is basically a horror movie spread across 10 episodes. The show has even reportedly been so terrifying that viewers have passed out.


I'm told that writers carefully crafted “jump scenes” and segments where you feel impending doom. 

Except it won't work on me.

Are you like me?  Do you find a movie LESS SCARY at home than in a theater?

The ultimate example of this is "The Blair Witch Project."  It was heavily hyped and I went to see it in a dark, quiet theater.  And I was terrified.

Then I rented the movie on DVD and watched it in my living room.  I wondered, "how did I find this movie so scary?"

I suppose you can try to recreate the experience of seeing a scary movie in your home.  But there's just too many distractions.  This Halloween, I think I will continue my tradition of watching a double feature of the original "Ghostbusters" paired with "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

That said -  what's the scariest movie you've ever seen?


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