Yes, The Russia Collusion Investigation Is About To Wrap Up

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We may have answers to the Russia probe by special counsel Robert Mueller right after the mid-term elections.

“Bloomberg” is reporting that Mueller is prepared to issue key findings next month, but there’s a catch. Regulations say that he must give the report to his boss, Deputy Attorney general Rod Rosenstein. That means they aren’t necessarily going to be shared with the public. It will be up to Rosenstein as to what is shared publicly and with Congress.  My thought:  it will be shared with the public.  I guarantee we'll be subjected to two years of leaks otherwise.

“Bloomberg” also notes that a source says Mueller is close to rendering judgment on two of the most explosive aspects of his inquiry: whether there were clear incidents of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, and whether the president took any actions that constitute obstruction of justice.

You'll pardon me if I am cynical about this whole investigation at this point.  Before the election, I told you that the Russians were, indeed, trying to meddle in our electoral process because they do that around the world.

However, it was the Clinton campaign who "weaponized" Russian interference by claiming collusion with the Trump campaign.  From the beginning, it's been an effort to delegitimize the Trump win.  As a Republican, I've become accustomed to liberals undermining Republican wins.

In fact, the Democrats are preparing a post-election narrative already in case the "blue wave" doesn't show up.  Have you noticed  the numerous "voter suppression" stories popping up in the coastal media lately?  That's not a coincidence.


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