Young giraffe dies at Des Moines Blank Park Zoo

DES MOINES, Iowa – A young giraffe at the Blank Park Zoo has died.   Lizzy, who was born at the zoo, was nearly two years old.  Zoo officials say it appears she had  internal abnormalities that may have been present since birth.   

She had not been growing at the pace typical of a giraffe her age, and recently suffered from an gastrointestinal illness which may have factored into her death.  

The full results of the necropsy are not available yet.

“Lizzy was a gentle, sweet giraffe who greatly enjoyed attention and was usually the first giraffe over to greet keeper staff in the morning or to participate in a training session. Zoo guests often liked watching Lizzy explore and investigate her exhibit, as she was a more curious individual,” said Lou Keeley, large mammal supervisor.



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