Ever Notice That President Trump's Foes Are #Losing?

After one party takes the White House, the opposing party attempts to gin up scandals to make the prospect of re-election look bleak.  But have you ever noticed that most of the efforts to damage President Trump have boomeranged back on his opponents?

The day after the election, supporters of Hillary Clinton decided to create a "the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election" narrative to undermine the President's authority.  What has ACTUALLY happened:  the revelation of the existence of employees in the executive branch that utilized their positions and their authority to try to tilt the race AWAY from Donald Trump.

You'll recall that, after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, liberals and their allies in the media constantly brought out San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz to blast the alleged incompetence of the Trump Administration's response to the disaster.

And now:

During an FBI raid of the municipal offices of San Juan, documents and digital records were seized in the investigation into fraud by the city government. 20 agents participated in the operation, which was focused on the Purchasing Division.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz’s office was not part of the raid and when asked if she was under investigation special agent Douglas Leff said "We have no information about that, but we are going to follow the investigation where it leads us."

Cruz tweeted that she instructed city officials to cooperate with the probe. She also said that if someone did something wrong, they will “face the consequences of their actions. “

Sure...but who is in CHARGE of those municipal offices?


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