Powerball/Mega Millions: Take The Lump Sum Or Yearly Payments?

As of show time, the Powerball estimated jackpot is $470 million and Mega Millions has an estimated jackpot of $970 million. Both jackpots are expected to grow even higher, as hype attracts more players (like me) to the game.

And, yes, I know my ODDS don't increase as the jackpot does -  but I am one of those folks who buys during big jackpots. 

And I like to not only dream about what I'd do with the money (I'd travel...ALOT) but I like to do some planning as well.

For example:  - Should I choose the lump sum option or is it wiser to get payments over time?-- Should I set up a trust?-- How should I invest to avoid paying too much in taxes?-- Should I wait a while to claim your prize so you can get your financial, legal and tax team together?

A second issue:  your co-workers might be asking you to pool some money together to buy tickets.  But there are a LOT of things over which you should be concerned when that happens.

Good news:  I'll open the show today with a financial advisor AND I'll also talk to a gaming lawyer who will advise me on joining office pools.

BTW, I'd continue to do the radio show if I won.  I'm having too much fun!

What would YOU do with the jackpot?  I'll take calls and texts on today's show.


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