CDC: Don't Dress Up Your Pet Chickens For Halloween

I hope you got to catch my interview on Tuesday with Lauriston Crockett, the CEO of a company that has developed several anti-aging products for pets.  He offered some great tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween.  We especially emphasized safety when putting your cat or dog in a costume, such as:

  • Watching for small pieces that can become choking hazards
  • Avoiding costumes that can lead to overheating
  • And staying away from costumes that restrict breathing

Notice that I said putting CATS OR DOGS in a costume.  If you have pet chickens, you are being warned NOT TO PUT THEM IN COSTUMES AT ALL by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

It's not that the chicken hates being dressed as the devil -  it's that people might come into contact with bacteria.

The CDC warns that people could be infected by handling live chickens. When dressing a chicken, it is easier for a person to come into contact with harmful bacteria that live on poultry, including salmonella.

The agency also warns, "Don't kiss your birds or snuggle them and then touch your face or mouth."

IF you missed my list of top costumes for cats and dogs, they are:

1. Pumpkin

2. Hot dog 

3. Bumble bee

4. Devil 

5. Cat

6. Dog 

7. Lion 

8. Star Wars character

9. Super hero 

10. Ghost


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