Des Moines Area Community College building crime scene house

DES MOINES, Iowa-  The Des Moines Area Community Criminal Justice program, is building a crime-scene training house at DMACC's Ankeny campus.   

Instructor Danielle Galien says  it'll help students learn how to collect evidence in a more realistic setting. She says currently they have to improvise a little bit when training students to find and collect evidence properly.   

Galien says students in the program learn how to process fingerprints, Local law enforcement will also use it for training.   

Pleasant Hill Police Chief Al Pizzano says the house will provide an excellent setting for officers to continue training, and learning how to secure a crime scene, and collect evidence.

DMACC's architecture and building trades students will design and build the 1,540 foot structure structure, DMACC horticulture students will do the landscaping.   The building will include bedrooms, a kitchen, a great room, deck and bathrooms, as well as a classroom, a monitor room, and an interview room on the lower level.

Pictured:  DMACC Foundation Board President Mike Grandgeorge (left to right), DMACC Vice President of Academic Affairs Scott Ocken, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Laboratory Administrator Bruce Reeves, Pleasant Hill Police Chief Al Pizzano and DMACC Criminal Justice Program Chair Jessica Cole 


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