11 Things To Never Say In An Argument With Your Spouse

f you are always trying to do better as a person, you will learn from your failures as well as your successes.  If you don't, you'll repeat the same mistakes.  This is VERY true in relationships, which is why Jeff was drawn to this perceptive article:  11 things to never say in an argument with your partner.

Although these words of wisdom are credited to therapists, I've learned these rules by experience:  if you wan't to actually resolve a disagreement with your spouse, you've got to avoid these tactics in order to keep the conversation on track.

In my mind, many couples go into arguments with a "win-at-all-costs" attitude -  which usually means making your partner REGRET disagreeing with you.

The things NOT to say in an argument:

1. Everything You've Ever Been Mad About, Ever

2. Character Attacks

3. Threatening To Cheat

4.  Saying You'd Rather Break Up (Jeff's note:  we say, "never threaten the relationship.")

5.  Questioning Each Other's Love

6.  Throwing Around Insults  (Jeff's note:  this is what I mean when I say you want to win at all costs by making your partner regret disagreeing with you).

7. Saying They "Need" To Do Something

8. Using Words Like "Always" Or "Never"

9. Ultimatums

10. Anything That'll Help You "Win"

11. Nothing At All

Anything to add?


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