SAD! Your Parents Are Eating Your Halloween Candy

Boo and I are empty nesters and we don't get Trick-Or-Treaters at our house.  Which means that, every year, I must be clever when talking into buying candy "just in case" kids show up.  And then I get to eat it.  My strategy involves ensuring that the candy includes one of her favorites -  Twix.  I like KitKats.

I'm not alone, either.

40% of adults say they like Halloween more than when they were kids, with 37% saying it’s because they can eat as much Halloween candy as they like.

Most Iowa kids are going to trick-or-treat on Tuesday, according to info on, so the next question for kids will be:  do my parents sneak into my pumpkin?  And how MUCH of my candy are they eating?

A new poll finds that 86% of parents admit to eating their kids’ Halloween candy, with the average parent consuming at least a quarter of their kids’ haul, and 44% saying they will eat more candy then their kids this Halloween.

And parents aren’t the only adults indulging in Halloween treats. In fact, 73% of adults say they buy more candy than they’ll need so they can eat the leftovers.

But while parents may eat as many Halloween treats as they want, they aren’t as freewheeling when it comes to their kids. The poll finds that 63% of parents restrict their kids to a limited number of pieces per day, with 29% hiding the candy, and 26% exchanging the stash for small toys or gifts.


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