Have You Revealed Your Salary To A Co-Worker?

This is one of those surveys that make me feel weird.  I have always believed that you NEVER share your salary with your co-workers...and you never ASK.  I am always uncomfortable when a co-worker even hints around about how much money I make.

A number of older workers share my philosophy...but apparently this isn't the practice with a number of younger workers.

A new Bankrate survey finds that only 24% of people have revealed their salary to a co-worker, but it seems younger folks don’t have as many hang ups. In fact, 33% of Millennials have talked to a co-worker about salary, which is much higher than older generations, with only 18% of baby boomers having done the same.

Interestingly, it seems Millennials are more willing to talk about salary than they are other subjects, Another survey, conducted by beqom, finds that 66% of Millennials are comfortable talking about money, but only 20% feel okay talking about their sex life.

There's another aspect to this survey that shocked me.

68% of people have shared their salary information with their spouse or live-in partner.  How do you NOT share salary information with a significant other?  Isn't that a given?  Maybe I AM the weirdo.


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