Pizza Hut Futuristic Truck that makes pizza on the go!

Pizza Hut Unveils Futuristic Truck That Makes Pizzas While On The Go!   Pizza Hut's newest delivery model will utilize a truck that makes the pizzas for you while en route.  The high-tech pickup truck is a collaboration with Toyota at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show (SEMA). The pickup itself is zero-emission, running on a hydrogen fuel electric cell that powers both the engine and the oven...and will also increase where a truck can deliver pizza, too. One truck can essentially service an entire area for hours on end without having to return back to a nearby restaurant. It's only constraints would be the amount of pizzas it can carry and the need to recharge.  As soon as you put in an order, robots in the back of the pickup will take a pre-made "raw" pizza out of a fridge and insert it into an oven, baking it to perfection within 6-7 minutes. The robot then boxes the pizza and it's ready for you to grab when the truck arrives at your home!

Click here for the entire article as well as a photo of the Pizza Delivery Truck!

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