VIDEO: Daycare Center Starts A "Fight Club" AND NO ONE GETS ARRESTED


A mom from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri sued a local daycare center after they were caught on video making young children fight each other. This happened in 2016 -  but a parent has gone public with the allegation because, although two teachers were fired, no one HAS BEEN ARRESTED.

Come on, man!  A preschool fight club?  Someone needs to go to jail.

The mom sued the daycare center for $25,000 in damages, saying they pitted young children against each other in “fight club”-style brawls. In a video taken by Nicole Merseal’s 10-year-old son, a child probably not much older than four-years-old can be seen pummeling another kid in the face while wearing a hulk glove, even when the victim was already pushed to the floor – all while the teachers egged them on.

Merseal doesn’t think enough was done about the situation. While the Adventure Learning Center fired the teachers, Mickala Guliford and Tena Dailey for the incident two years ago, no one has faced any charges. In a statement, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office says that’s because “there was insufficient evidence to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt that any laws were violated,” although they do note “that does not diminish the incredibly poor judgement by these adults who had the responsibility to safely supervise these children.”

See the video above.


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