How To Cut Costs When Buying That Thanksgiving Turkey

I am a political geek and could talk politics year-round, but I realize that your brain needs a rest after being exposed to political advertising continuously for...oh, I don't know...forever.

So let's talk turkey...literally.

This Fox News article offers three tips to cutting costs when buying a Thanksgiving turkey.   First, some good news of which I was unaware: buying a turkey in the Midwest is actually inexpensive compared to some other regions.   Turkeys sold in the northeast have the highest prices up to $1.49 per pound! The Midwest, meanwhile, has some of the lowest turkey prices, topping out at 99 cents a pound.

So I had to laugh at the first tip in the Fox article:  if a friend from the Midwest is visiting, ask them to buy the turkey!!!

Tip 2:  Don't buy a bigger turkey than you need. The Food Network recommends budgeting 1 pound to 1.5 pounds of turkey per person.

If you are like me, you NEVER follow this rule.  You think of folks eating turkey throughout the day...and, well, you overbuy.

Tip 3:  READ THE LABELS.  That's because organic and free-range turkeys can cost up to SEVEN times the cost of a regular turkey.  If you are okay with a regular turkey, you will experience serious savings.  


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