West Des Moines PD releases video of black man's interrogation

West Des Moines police have released the body cam video worn by the officer who questioned and subsequently arrested a black man who says he was racially profiled.

The video shows Keilon Hill was located sitting on a rock near a home.  When approached by the officer, Hill stood up and stashed a number of flyers he had in his hand under his clothing.

West Des Moines police say they received calls that a black man was in the neighborhood, taking pictures of homes and "acting suspiciously."  

The body cam video shows the officer asking Hill about his door-to-door work, reminding him that West Des Moines has an ordinance prohibiting solicitation without a license.  Hill informs him he's not soliciting, and refused to give his name or answer any other questions.

The video shows that Hill continued to walk down the street, even after the officer told him to stop.

Keilon Hill claims he was working for a "super PAC" that was going door-to-door to solicit support for the re-election of GOP congressman David Young to the 3rd District from Iowa.  

Hill was arrested for Harrassment of a Public Official or Employee.  He is back in Louisiana and will appear in court December 6th.

Here's the video West Des Moines Police released Wednesday:



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