WATCH: Saturday Night Live Hosts A Mini "The Office" Reunion


Is a reboot of “The Office” in the cards? That’s the question Steve Carrell was hit with when he hosted “Saturday Night Live.” 

As Carrell did the monologue for his third hosting stint, an actress posing as an audience member asked him about revisiting the hit show. He said, “It was a great experience, and I love all those people, but I just don’t think it’s the best idea.” That’s when three former cast members – Andy, Pam, and Erin, better known as Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer, and Elle Kemper, respectively – showed up to pressure him to do it. 

Ed told Steve that if he did “The Office” reboot, he “wouldn’t have to do all those sad movies anymore.” And Jenna offered, “Don’t you want to see what Pam and Jeff are up to?” As far as we know, there’s nothing in the works.

WATCH the mini-reunion above.


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