911 caller reports kayak in broken ice in Des Moines pond

Emergency responders at MacCrae Pond in Des Moines. Photo by WHO TV

DES MOINES, Iowa – Emergency responders, including the Des Moines water rescue team were called to a pond Wednesday morning after a 911 caller reported a kayak floating in broken ice in the middle of the pond.

Des Moines Fire Department Lieutenant Chris Clement says the water rescue team found the ice around the kayak broken, and little refreeze around it, indicating the boat hadn't been there very long.

Emergency crews investigated the area around MacRae Park at 1021 Davis Ave, just off SW 9th Street, and determined there was no indication that anyone was in the water.

A WHO Radio News reporter on the scene saw the kayak loaded onto the back of a truck after city crews fished it out of the pond.



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