What's Really Happening At The Southern Border

The mainstream media is uncomfortable with any story that may paint illegal immigrants in a negative light.  They are also uncomfortable with President Trump's immigration reform agenda despite that the fact that a majority of Americans favor it.

So the migrant caravan...as it reaches the southern border...is fading from the news.  But, as I've said on the show previously, we are fortunately to have a vibrant conservative media to report ALL the news.

The Daily Signal’s foreign correspondent, Nolan Peterson traveled to Mexico to report on the caravan first-hand.  A daily newsletter from The Federalist, Bright, listed the major takeaways:

  • The migrant caravan “has its own de facto government.” 
  • There are currently five migrant caravans traveling through Mexico and heading north, and they are “unprecedented” in volume—roughly 12,000 people total. Most migrants come the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The largest of the caravans is roughly 4,500 migrants.
  • There is also an “unprecedented” degree of logistical organization and funding for the caravans. “These caravans are very well orchestrated,” said one Mexican official, who asked not to be named. “We’ve seen signals that there is money. The signals are different from the typical flow of migrants.”
  • Many migrants said they were there “for a lack of work,” and a better life for their family. They chose to join the caravan because there’s “safety in numbers” and to avoid the typical $7,000 coyote fee.
  • Many also said they hadn’t heard of Mexico’s asylum offer. Officials said it was a “daily struggle” to counter the influx of disinformation from caravan organizers, criminals, smugglers, and human traffickers.  Organizers from People Without Borders “offered seminars to prepare them for questions at the U.S. border from officials charged with verifying asylum claims.”
  • This current wave of caravans may signal the new norm, so any Band-Aid won’t fix it. “America needs to have a long-term view on this issue,” said Gustavo Mohar, a former undersecretary for migration, population, and religious affairs in Mexico’s Interior Ministry. “It can easily become caravans of 20,000 people if we’re not careful.”

If the mainstream media was continually providing coverage like this, Congress may be forced to reform our immigration and asylum laws.  But House Democratic leadership doesn't want to act...so reporters won't be spending much time on it.


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