Cedar Rapids, Iowa teacher & daughter killed in Colorado crash

FORT COLLINS, Co-  A Cedar Rapids high school teacher and his daughter were killed in a Thanksgiving Day crash in Colorado.   Police say the other driver involved is suspected of stealing guns from a pawn shop earlier that morning.

Police say Rick Nees and his eldest daughter were visiting family and running errands in Fort Collins, Colorado when the crash happened.    

Police arrested 19-year-old Marcos Orosco,  who was driving the stolen pick-up.   Police found guns in the truck, that had been stolen from the pawn shop.

Nees  was a math  teacher at Kennedy High School.

Kennedy High School Principal Jason Kline released a statement:

"This is very devastating news and I know we all will be hurting. Please know that we will have support resources available for staff and students on Monday starting at 7 a.m."

(Photos from KCRG-TV)


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