Hell’s Angels Are Now Barred From Salvation Army Bell Ringing Duties

Jeff brought you some good news regarding the Marshalltown Salvation Army today.  Now some odd news from Indiana:

A group of Hell's Angels will no longer be allowed to ring bells for the Salvation Army outside a Walmart in Valparaiso, Indiana. They were banned after complaints about patches some of the ringers were wearing that read "Aryan." A spokesman for the Salvation Army said on Sunday that any symbol that can be viewed as discriminatory is against the organization's dress code.

Someone from the motorcycle club had said earlier that people from all backgrounds are members, and some wear patches that read Aryan, Latino or Bushido. The spokesman also said that maybe people upset by patches should spend less time complaining and more time trying to make a positive difference in society.

This story reminds me of a recent experience I had while on vacation recently in the South.  I was eating breakfast at a diner at a table next to a biker.  On his leather jacket, he had a patch sown:  "I will not be forced to learn a foreign language to accommodate illegal aliens in my country."

Now think about this:  1)  No one is ever going to be forced to learn a foreign language but 2) Someone took the time to create this patch and 3) this guy took the time to sew it on his jacket.

How much anger do you have in your heart to do that?


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