Father pleads guilty in child's accidental shooting in Clive, Iowa

POLK COUNTY, Iowa-  The father of a toddler who accidentally shot himself with his dad's gun, has pleaded guilty to felony charges.

Jonathan Hauser pleaded guilty to child endangerment, causing bodily injury, and will be sentenced in January.   Hauser's two-year-old son shot himself, while the family was staying at the Sterling Inn in Clive in August.   

Police say Hauser had a permit to carry.  The boy has recovered.

(Photo from Channel 13 WHO-TV)

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CLIVE, Iowa - The father of a two-year-old boy who shot himself with his father's loaded handgun is now facing charges.

Clive Police say 29-year-old Jonathan Hauser of Council Bluffs was staying with the boy and his mother at the Sterling Inn on August 19 when the child found the loaded gun in the family's luggage and pulled the trigger.  

The boy was shot in the chest and neck, and is expected to recover.

Hauser is charged with child endangerment leading to serious injury.


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