Iowa prisoners file class action suit to get pornography back

FORT DODGE, Iowa - Tyranny.  That's what the class action complaint filed in U.S. District Court - Southern Iowa calls Iowa's new ban on nude photos and pornography in prisons.

Allen Curtis Miles, who is serving a life sentence for first degree murder at the Fort Dodge Correctional Institution, wrote the complaint on behalf of all the inmates there, claiming the state has no regard for the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution.

He accuses the Iowa State Legislature of conspiring with the Department of Corrections against prisoners.

The complaint also claims guards of confiscated petition signature pages, interfering with the prisoners' right to address the government.

Besides throwing out Iowa's new ban on pornography, the prisoners are asking the court  for $25,000  dollars each, in damages.

CLICK HERE to read the unedited class action complaint as filed in U.S. District Court


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