Traffic stop leads Marshalltown police to pipe bombs

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- Police want to know what a Marshalltown man doing while driving around with a pipe bomb.

Marshalltown Police are trying to figure out the answer to that question. 

It began as a routine traffic stop Wednesday, November 21.  "At about 11 am our officer spotted a car with a registration sticker violation on South Center Street," said Marshalltown Police Department Captain Brian Batterson. The officer tells WHO Channel 13 that it was then discovered that the driver, Timothy Kluck of Marshalltown, had a suspended license and his passenger, April Stanley, had an outstanding warrant. 

But then something more serious unraveled.  

Police say Kluck was also carrying an explosive device. 

Batterson said, "It was a pipe, with a cap on each end, with gun powder inside and a fuse to light it." 

PVC explosives are nothing new to Marshalltown authorities, but the way it was found struck them as unusual.  "It is rare to find it on somebody, usually we find it sitting somewhere," said Batterson.

So a search warrant for Kluck's home on the 600-block of Jerome Street was issued where Batterson said the investigation found even more explosives.  

A motive is still uncertain.  

Kluck has a preliminary hearing on November 30th.

April Stanley was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  



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