Holiday Discount Alert: Target's One-Day Gift Card Sale Is Back

We have a running joke on the Van and Bonnie show:  the Ankeny Target must be the biggest building in the world.  Whenever we talk about a cool new item on the show, we inevitably get a text on the American Toppers & Accessories text line:  it's available at Ankeny Target.

Joking aside, I know that WHO listeners love them some Target.  And that's why you should be excited about this coming Sunday.

If you’re a fan of the gift that always fits and allows people to buy exactly what they want, you’ll be happy to know that Target is bringing back its annual one-day gift card sale to save your holiday budget.

This Sunday, December 2nd, Target gift cards will be 10% off, both online and in stores. And you don’t even need a coupon code. Sure, 10% isn’t much, but it’s Target and I’ll take what I can get for free, amirite? There is a $300 limit per household, but that’s a lot of savings. Just think of what you could do with that $30 you saved.  

Or you could just keep the gift cards for yourself and no one would know. I certainly won't tell.  But think of me kindly when you are hoarding all the holiday savings for yourself.


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