Office Holiday Perks: What You Want, And What You’ll Probably Get

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You probably don't want -  and won't get -  a jelly-of-the-month membership from your office.  But a new poll reveals that what people WANT from their office is probably NOT what they are going to get.

A new poll by Spherion Staffing Services finds that the number one holiday perk most people want from their offices is a bonus (41%), although it sounds like most people shouldn’t hold their breath. The poll also notes that 46% of people say during the holidays their company doesn’t hand out bonuses or any other monetary gifts, and if they do, most people get less than $500. As for how offices handle the holidays, 52% say things are “business as usual” at their workplace, while 36% say their company is quite “generous” and another 13% describe them as “stingy.” 

But while bonuses may not be a given, some companies do offer other types of holiday perks. It seems a holiday party is the most common way offices celebrate the holidays, with 36% of employees saying their company is having a holiday party this year, while 28% say they are getting extra time off as a perk. Other holiday perks this year include (percentage of employees getting them): 

  • Holiday bonus (26%)
  • Office closure between Christmas and New Years' Day (22%)
  • Company-paid holiday meal (18%)
  • Employee gift exchange (18%)
  • And while some companies may not be good to their employees over the holidays, it seems they are good to those in need. In fact, 46% of employees say their company will do some sort of charitable activity to give back to the community, with food/clothing/toy/other drives the top activity (51%), followed by volunteer events (18%) and adopting a needy family or child (15%).


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