Police: Student faked racist note found at Drake University

DES MOINES, Iowa-  An 18-year-old Drake University student has admitting being responsible for a racist note, she claimed was slipped under a door at a residence hall.

Police say November 15th, two female Drake students told Drake officials and police they had received racist notes, the students said had been slid under their dorm door at Herriott Hall.   The campus hosted a large anti-racism rally on campus after the incident was reported (Photo from Channel 13 WHO-TV).

Police say the students reported getting a third, similar note November 28th.  Detectives have determined the note was not received in the manner it was reported.    Charges are pending.

Drake University President Marty Martin issued a statement today:

“I am pleased that we have identified the source of the four notes reported out of Herriott Hall, and I am confident in the progress being made with the ongoing investigation. As painful as these recent events have been, they have sparked important discussions and reflection, and have brought us closer together as one Drake community. We all have work to do as we further our commitment to equity and inclusion, but can be proud of our response, our values, and our conviction.”

Statement from Drake University states an investigation has determined the notes were copycat hoaxes of an initial campus incident from November 7th, which officials say is a separate, unrelated matter.   That investigation continues.

Drake reported this month a white supremacist group targeted the Drake campus with a rush of robocalls on the evening of Nov 12. This vile event exacerbated the fear and concerns felt by students, faculty, and staff.


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