Iowa produces record amount of biodiesel in 2018

JOHNSTON, Iowa-  Iowa produced a record-breaking 365-(M) million gallons of biodiesel last year.

Monte Shaw of The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association says the increased production was largely due to dropping biodiesel imports after a legal spat with Argentina and Indonesia.

The two countries were found to have illegally subsidized imports into the U.S.

“In previous years American biodiesel producers struggled to compete against unfairly subsidized and dumped imports,” Shaw said. “This record-breaking year of production proves that when the playing field is level, U.S. biodiesel producers can successfully fulfill domestic demand.”

The Iowa RFA says Iowa biodiesel production is expected to make up nearly 20 percent of total U.S. production for 2018.  Shaw says the state could do even more if the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) level for biodiesel was set to at least mirror projected U.S. biodiesel consumption and not undermined by small-refinery exemptions.

“We are extremely excited and proud of what was accomplished last year, but the fact remains we still have unused capacity,” Shaw said. 

“Iowa’s biodiesel plants are ready to grow and produce beyond expectations, and 2018 proved that when the law is enforced equitably they can do just that. But when producers are hampered by timid RFS levels or demand-destroying exemptions they cannot achieve their full potential.”

(Photo of Western Iowa Energy plant in Wall Lake, Iowa courtesy Iowa Renewable Fuels Association)

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