New year, new jobs in Iowa

Iowa Workforce Development

DES MOINES, Iowa - Thinking of a new job for the new year?  In 49 out of 50 states, the biggest job sector is health care.  But not in Iowa.

"It's actually manufacturing."  Cory Kelly with Iowa Workforce Development says.

"We've held on to our manufacturing core better than any state in the union."  Kelly says.  "So, our largest employers in the state are manufacturing and advanced manufacturing operations.  There's plenty of opportunities."

Kelly says another high demand job area that pays great is in skilled trades.

"Plumbers, electricians, pipe-fitters.  What we would refer to as traditional skilled trades."  Kelly said.

Those jobs offer apprenticeships that pay workers while they learn, and promise high incomes when the training is completed.

CLICK HERE for the Iowa Workforce Development website, which offers more information on finding jobs and training for better jobs online.  

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