The List Of "Most Returned" Gifts Contains Some Surprises

t's a tradition in almost every family.  Someone opens a present.  The "giver" says, "you can return it if you want." B-Stock Solutions has compiled a list of the most returned gifts and, quite frankly, I am surprised by many of the items on the list. 

B-Stock Solutions buys returned merchandise from leading retailers and resells them. It said women's shirts with too many ruffles and sleeve cutouts. Bedazzled booties were quickly returned. Other gifts that may not have been appreciated were crockpots and espresso makers.

Crockpots and espresso makers?  C'mon!  Everybody needs a crock pot.  And I LOVE coffee -  who WOULDN'T want an espresso maker?

As for children's gifts, parents were apparently not thrilled with the idea of picking up hundreds of tiny Lego pieces. “Star Wars” was also unpopular.  

Again: unbelievable.  My grandkids LOVE Legos.  And I guess there are more "Star Trek" fans than I thought (Hi, Bonnie!).

Then there are the lifelike looking dolls that creep kids out.  I agree with that.

Also on the list are small tools, including tape measures.  I can see that -  my family gave me tools for years, HOPING I'd be inspired to be more handy around the house.  They've given up.  I DO need an espresso maker...

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