McDonald's vs Dunkin' In The Great Donut Stick War

The breakfast war between McDonald’s and Dunkin’ is about to heat up.

McDonald's is reportedly planning to add donut sticks to its breakfast menu. According to a Business Insider report, the fast food chain will offer the churro-like, cinnamon-flavored, deep-fried snack for a limited time starting next month. McDonald's is also expected to offer a deal of six donut sticks and a small coffee for a buck-99.

The fast food chain didn’t comment except to say customers could expect "more delicious and craveable news to come in 2019."

Dunkin’ has taken notice that the offering looks a lot like their donut fries. 

Hmmm...I know that fast food changes continually must change to meet the demand of their customers, but I am not sure that donut sticks are gonna work at McDonald' least for me.

When I head to McDonald's, I promise you that I am gonna order a breakfast sandwich.  Maybe an Egg McMuffin, maybe a Bacon, Egg, And Cheese biscuit, or a Sausage/Cheese biscuit.

I'm the kinda guy that believes that restaurants specialize in a certain THING.  I KNOW that Dunkin' has breakfast sandwiches -  but I go to Dunkin' for DONUTS.

At the same time, if you've got someone in the car that's craving donuts, while YOU want a breakfast sandwich, you can head to McDonald's and get both.  Maybe THAT is the path to success.

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