WATCH: A Moose Walks Into The Hospital (No Joke!)

A moose walks into a hospital… seriously - There’s no punchline here; a moose actually did walk into a hospital.

It appears the animal wanted to escape the cold by walking into an Alaska hospital. The moose was strolling by the Alaska Regional Hospital before noon yesterday on a day of sub-zero temperatures, according to the Anchorage Daily News. It apparently saw some green plants in the atrium and strolled in for a taste.

She stayed for about 10 minutes, but as the crowd of people grew to watch her, she decided that was enough and walked back out the same sliding doors. Security personnel quickly locked the doors behind it. Spectators say the moose didn't seem to care for the plants, which are more often found in Florida than Alaska.

You can click to watch the video above -  and note that Alaskans are not particularly concerned when a moose walks into their place of work on a Monday morning.

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