YMCA to host USA Swimming TYR Pro Swim Series


DES MOINES, Iowa  -- The Wellmark YMCA opened a brand new Olympic-sized swimming pool last year and it will be on full display shortly. 

The USA Swimming TYR Pro Swim Series is a four-day competition, and it features some of the best athletes in the world. The Wellmark YMCA will host the event from March 6th - 9th. 

Two-time Olympic medalist Kathleen Baker was in Des Moines promoting the event. 

“I grew up not having an Olympic-sized swimming pool in my city and ended up having to relocate to a different city to really be able to pursue my dreams,” Baker said.

She said having an Olympic-size pool here in the city of Des Moines is important so kids here can do the same.

“Having an amazing training facility promotes having amazing swimmers and really sets the tone for being able to provide and hopefully raise some more amazing swimmers out of Iowa,” Baker said.

 You can buy tickets now at usaswimming.org.

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