Nebraska To COMPLETELY Outlaw Slavery

I moved to Iowa in 1991 from Missouri.  If there's one thing that the two states have in common, it's a tendency to mock Nebraska.  Which is why a story that Nebraska is FINALLY ready to completely outlaw slavery caught my eye.

You read that right:  there’s a loophole in a Nebraska law that allows slavery.

That may not be the case for long, as a state lawmaker is seeking to eliminate an old law that still allows the use of slavery in Nebraska in certain cases. Nebraska's state constitution included a ban on slavery when it was ratified in 1875, but it still allowed slavery as punishment for a crime.

State Senator Justin Wayne of Omaha announced plans this week to introduce a proposed amendment to the state constitution to remove the provision. Wayne says the provision was used to arrest former slaves and force them into involuntary servitude.

The Iowa Legislature goes into session on Monday and, of course, I used to member of the Iowa Senate from 1997 - 2008.  I can't imagine hearing a Senator stand up for opening arguments on a bill and begin by saying, "My friends, today, we finally outlaw slavery..."  

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