Tom Steyer continues fight to impeach Trump

Tom Steyer, in Des Moines for an educational presentation, says he's not running for President "at this time."

"Most people come to announce a campaign for the presidency." Steyer told reporters, but he said he's willing to do "whatever it takes" to remove Trump from office.

The California billionaire says he's focusing $40 million dollars of his own money on the "impeachment and removal" of President Donald Trump.

Steyer says it's time for the House to vote on impeachment of President Trump.  He says there are already ten impeachable offenses that the president has committed, although he did not elaborate.

Asked about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments that any impeachment action should wait until after special counsel Robert Mueller completes his report, Steyer says he's trying to "do the right thing" not the political thing.

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