Abandoned puppies gaining weight at central Iowa shelter

DESOTO, Iowa-  Officials with a Dallas County animal rescue organization say 14 newborn puppies, found in a feed sack, in an icy creek, are thriving and gaining weight. 

Amy Heinz of A Heinz 57 Pet Rescue & Transport tells WHO Radio News they've brought in two surrogate mom dogs to nurse the pups, which have been gradually gaining weight.    She says once they are eight weeks old, they'll be available for adoption.

She says two hunters saw a man pull up to a bridge in northern Missouri, and toss something into the creek.  The men found a feed sack, containing the puppies, and rescued them they slipped thru the ice.

A Heinz 57 got the puppies over the weekend.

Amy Heinz says it's tough tell the dogs' breeds at this point, they are guessing they're a mix of border collie, shepherd, and some sort of hound.

Heinz says they have plenty of volunteers taking care of the puppies, but they're always looking for families willing to foster and/or adopt a dog.

She says if interested, they'll  provide crates, bedding, food, training treats, and other supplies.Four will be named after those who rescued them, the rest will be named after iconic bridges.

(Photos from A Heinz 57 Pet Rescue & Transport)

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