It's official! 23rd annual WHO Radio Great Iowa Tractor Ride is going...

Council Bluffs, based out of the Westfair Amphitheatre.  A big crowd gathered at the Machine Shed in Des Moines in anticipation of the annoucement:


One of the great things about Tractor Ride is the relationships that have been built over the years:


The World Champion Tractor Rebuilder Gary Hoeffling made his way down from Spencer:


Big Thank You to our friends at Titan Tire for sponsoring out party today:


We were blessed by a couple of big time visitors, State Senator Tim Kapucian, who says he has a 4020 in the shed just waiting to go on a Tractor Ride:


Plus Senate Ag Committe Chair Dan Zumbach:


Of course, it's always great to share a meal involving some of the best food in Iowa at The Machine Shed:


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