Feeling really fatigued? Under a lot of stress? Check this out!

Did you know there is a treatment for fatigue brought on by stress?  Did you know consuming the right foods for your body can make a huge difference?  I (Bonnie) have been talking about the Adrenal Fatigue Treatment and Food Sensitivity Test from New Leaf Wellness.  Many of you want to know more about it. Stress Reset is the recommended form of treatment.  It's an herbal & nutritional formula designed to support adrenal function.  It's your adrenal glands that assist the body in adjusting to stress as the result of internal and external forces.  Stress Reset assists the body in managing the negative effects of stress and maintains healthy cortisol levels.  A Food Sensitivity Test will help ensure you are eating the right foods for your body.   New Leaf has a special offer now when you combine the two....



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