Here Are The Best Jobs In America

I realise that reading a "best jobs in America" list can be a pretty frustrating experience.  Chances are you are like me:  at some point in your life you decided that would love to pursue a certain career and it didn't matter what showed up on a "best jobs" list.   For many, it probably would have been a better FINANCIAL decision to pick a job from such a list -  but not a good EMOTIONAL one.

Still, if you've got young kids, you can always read a "good jobs" list and STRONGLY HINT that this is a good career path to follow....

Glassdoor has just come out with their picks of the 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019, which is compiled based on a career’s overall Glassdoor Job Score, which takes into account earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and number of job openings.

Topping this year’s list for yet another year is a Data Scientist, thanks to a 4-point-7 (out of five) Job Score and a 4-point-3 job satisfaction rating. What’s more, there are currently 6,510 job openings for data scientists at a median base salary of $108,000.

Overall, tech jobs are represented the best on the list with 19, with eight jobs in healthcare also nabbing spots, an increase from five last year.

Top Ten Best Jobs In America For 2019(click here for the complete Top 50)

  1. Data Scientist (overall Job Score 4.7)
  2. Nursing Manager (4.6)
  3. Marketing Manager (4.6)
  4. Occupational Therapist (4.6)
  5. Product Manager (4.5)
  6. DevOps Engineer (4.1)
  7. Program Manager (3.9)
  8. Data Engineer (3.9)
  9. HR Manager (4.2)
  10. Software Engineer (3.6)

I am NOT surprised at the number of computer jobs...or the yearly inclusion of nursing on the list...but some jobs had not occurred to me as being on the "best" list:  marketing manager, occupational therapist, and human resources manager.

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