Pop Tarts Announce Run For President. Iowa Visit Next?

As Iowans, we're all familiar with the routine: a candidate announces for President then heads to Iowa. We're all familiar because there are seemingly 637 candidates for President and they roll out campaigns with the frequency that Netflix rolls out new programming.

I was recently asked to provide some political analysis for Fox News. Among the questions I was asked: do Iowans show up in droves because they care OR because of the free coffee and donuts? I corrected the host: we show up for breakfast pizza.

But I am willing to make an exception for the newest candidate: Pop Tarts.

The Twitter account for the toaster pastry has tweeted that it's also considering a presidential run in 2020 and asked for followers to retweet the message if they supported the idea. Turns out, there’s a decent amount of support.

The original tweet has currently received over 31-thousand retweets and 15-thousand likes. Pop-Tarts also may have found a running mate. Hostess Snacks chimed in and offered to be vice president. That's 27,000 times more retweets than Schultz’s tweet. It’s worth noting, however, that Schultz was not asking to be retweeted, unlike Pop-Tarts.

I expect the announcement followed by a tour of Iowa. And my favorite Pop Tarts are the kind that tastes like S'Mores - just for the record.


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